Lemon Basil Cookies

Lemon Basil Cookies – perfectly lite together with fluffy, a fiddling crunchy on the outside, together with loaded amongst summertime flavor! Even the pickiest of eaters volition love these cookies! So unproblematic to brand too, that you lot won’t fifty-fifty take away heed turning on your oven inward the summer!

Have I mentioned yet that I’m married to a alternative eater? I love him dearly – but the human being could starve inward a grocery store.
Grant came domicile from function the other twenty-four hr menstruation only every bit I was taking the concluding pan of these cookies out of the oven. He is my star-recipe-tester/number-one-critic/most-valued-food-opinion-giver then naturally I asked (forced?) him to essay 1 – remembering mid-sentence that he doesn’t similar nuts (pistachios are a telephone commutation component inward these!). To my shock, he LOVED these.
These cookies were a staple growing upwards (thanks mom!) together with although I regarded them suspiciously at get-g…

Peach Blackberry Crisp For Two

This recipe is brought to y'all byyyyyy:

Yep. The world’s most adorable niggling cast-iron pan. I plainly bought this amongst two-person desserts inwards mind. (Or a single-serve mac ’n cheese. The possibilities are endless, really). Cast-iron pans are a wonderful thing, people. I don’t know why but they are magical too I dearest them. I ain most four, if we’re counting. 

Chicken + Cauliflower Curry

Confession: I didn’t know what curry was until nigh a twelvemonth ago. Second confession: This is the get-go fourth dimension I’ve ever made it. Third confession: It’s SO GOOD together with SO EASY (although I don’t know how authentic this actually is).

Hello weeknight dinner solution! It’s essentially sautéing roughly garlic together with onion. Adding roughly sliced chicken breasts together with spices. Adding roughly greek yogurt together with steamed cauliflower. Serving over rice or amongst naan bread. Preferably both. Put roughly hummus & veggies on the side together with your people volition live ah-mazed. It’ll live our lilliputian undercover that this repast is trend easier to trace together than it looks.

I’m variety of a babe when it comes to spicy nutrient thus if you’re worried nigh this beingness trend spicy – it’s not. But it totally tin live if that’s what ya want! Just add together to a greater extent than curry pulverization + paprika + any else people position inw…

Cherry Manus Pies

My parents came to watch Grant + me inwards Des Moines for the 4th of July this year. It was weird non celebrating inwards Milwaukee but it was fun to host them inwards our bird for the showtime fourth dimension (yay!).
My mom, bless her, spent a lot of fourth dimension inwards our kitchen that day, making spud salad, chicken, together with some chocolatey-peanut buttery-rice krispie-magic bars.
My contribution? These mini cherry pies. I honey pie but I honey these manus pies more.

You larn WAYYY to a greater extent than crust this way.
I am a pie crust fiend. I honey to swallow pie crust together with Grant thinks I’m a weirdo but I volition gladly bring that championship if it agency I tin proceed eating pie crust.
I’ve made these a fewww to a greater extent than times since the 4th of July to perfect my recipe (and to swallow them. Duh).You could role fresh cherries instead of frozen to brand these – I haven’t because, good when fresh cherries are inwards flavor Grant together wit…

Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake + Chocolate Ganache

I went dorsum to Milwaukee final weekend for Irish Gaelic Fest. My ultimate happy place. The best 4 days out of each year. 
I cry back I’ve gone every unmarried twelvemonth of my existence (the vi hr drive from Iowa is worth it) together with it would receive got something prettyyyyyy large for me to girlfriend it. In fact, I cry back the solely agency I would always willingly girlfriend it is if I LIVED inward Ireland.
Even then, I powerfulness notwithstanding brand my identify unit of measurement Skype me in. They never girlfriend it either. No, MKE Irish Gaelic Fest isn’t sponsoring this post service – I wish. 

The best business office of Irish Gaelic Fest is undoubtedly the music – musicians come upwardly from Ireland/Scotland/Canada + all over to play inward Milwaukee!
Buttt, if I had to option a 2d favorite business office it would hold out the food. Shamrock cookies. Jameson Whiskey Custard. Soda Bread. Corned Beef. Guinness Cheesecake.
When I got habitation from Irish Gaelic Fest, …

Simple + Delicious Hummus

I used to purchase hummus.
That is, until I realized how easy-peasy-chickpea-squeezee (hehe larn it?) it is to make!

No-fuss appetizer? Check.
Quick snack? Check.
No tahini required? Check.
Husband slash picky-eater approved? Check.
The perfect agency to purpose upwardly your summertime veggies? Check.
Only six ingredients? Check.
Throw-it-in-the-food-processor-and-push-a-button-easy? Check.
I could piece of employment on.
Orrrrrr nosotros could throw this together inward nether 10 minutes, sit down back, as well as dip away until the fresh summertime veggies are gone!

I similar this amongst cucumbers, carrots, as well as bell peppers because, well, I’m non that adventurous when it comes to my veggie life. (I larn past times though – cheers to the beingness of zucchini breadstuff & carrot cake.)
Plus, this is roughly other of many fun ways to purpose your nutrient processor. My heed has been blown since I got that matter – at that spot are SO many fancy-schmancy-magical things y'all tin s…

Summer Glory Skillet Crumble

Summer is fading fast but this easy-as-pie but not-a-pie skillet dessert captures everything nosotros dearest most summer: perfectly ripe, juicy blackberries, tender in addition to vibrant plums, in addition to tart apples – the sort-of-summer soundless kind-of-fall fruit. It’s all topped off alongside a perfectly crunchy crumble layer. 

This unexpected fruit combination makes the most gorgeous, vibrant shade of imperial when baked together.
I stumbled onto this recipe a few years agone when I was trying to brand a peach huckleberry crisp. I had JUST gotten my Lodge cast-iron skillet in addition to naturally, was trying to brand all the skillet recipes.
To brand a long floor short, the peaches in addition to blueberries I bought had gone bad. H5N1 chip of fridge-raiding turned upwards simply about blackberries, apples, in addition to 2 plums. (I was living inwards a solid alongside seven other girls who went to college alongside me in addition to the refrigerator community shelf could ev…